Rafael Sanchez


Knowledge generation for value creation, in few words, to be a high-quality chemical engineer without losing the big picture of the business. It is the result after fifteen years of experience on the R&D and Oil & Gas industries. This journey gave me solid bases to understand the complexity of the technology world focus on giving on-time, reliable and pertinent solutions to the industry at any of the development scale.

Now, at Auburn, based on the necessity of closing the gap of supply and demand of light olefins at the chemical industry, my primary goal is to develop solid catalysts with emphasis of the fundamental understanding of the reactions for the non-oxidative dehydrogenation of light alkanes for establishing or improving on-purpose current technologies for the production of these base chemicals. I am working on the design, characterization, and testing of ternary catalytic systems based on conventional and unconventional methodologies to increase the selectivity and yields of these processes.

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