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Catalysis Science and Technology

In situ valence modification of Pd/NiO nano-catalysts in supercritical water towards toluene oxidation
Mesoporous CoO-supported palladium nanocatalysts with high performance for o-xylene combustion
Modelling complete methane oxidation over palladium oxide in a porous catalyst using first-principles surface kinetics



Copper–Palladium Tetrapods with Sharp Tips as a Superior Catalyst for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction
Formic Acid Decomposition over ZnPd—Implications for Methanol Steam Reforming
Phenol Catalytic Hydrogenation over Palladium Nanoparticles Supported on Metal‐Organic Frameworks in the Aqueous Phase
Remarkable Carbon Dioxide Hydrogenation to Ethanol on a Palladium/Iron Oxide Single‐Atom Catalyst
Cost‐Effective Palladium‐Doped Cu Bimetallic Materials to Tune Selectivity and Activity by using Doped Atom Ensembles as Active Sites for Efficient Removal of Acetylene from Ethylene

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