Natalie Stephens


I am originally from Seabrook, Texas. My interest in chemistry and creative problem solving drove me to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering. I moved to Auburn in 2014 and currently I am a Senior in Chemical Engineering. My first research experience was in the department of Education working under the supervision of Dr. Schnittka. In January 2017, I joined Dr. Carrero’s group and since then I have been learning about Heterogeneous catalysis and spectroscopy.

Catalysis offers the potential for more sustainable reactions to upgrade natural gas, crude oil and biomass. Therefore, it is important to study various catalysts for these purposes as well as gaining fundamental insights into the processes at work in industrial environments. My research revolves around spectroscopy. I use electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) to measure the conductivity in low conductive media and monitor the electrical response of such systems after being physically or chemically perturbed. Additionally, I utilize in situ Raman spectroscopy to characterize supported metal oxide catalysts at sub- and monolayer coverage. My objective is to provide molecular and structural information of attractive catalysts for the upgrading of natural gas, crude oil and biomass. I will also pursue an Operando Raman study. My research activities are related to Jorge Moncada’s research project.


Furthermore, I am also in charge of the Carrero group webpage and I directly support Dr. Carrero with administrative and graphic-design activities within the group.

Oral & Poster Presentations

  • Teaching spatial visualization in chemistry | Auburn University “This is Research: Student Symposium”, April 2017
  • In situ Raman study of supported metal oxide catalysts to determine the monolayer coverage | Auburn University Chemical Engineering Open House, April 2017


Coming soon…

Awards and memberships

  • Third place poster presentation at Auburn This is Research Symposium | April 2017
  • American Chemical Society | April 2017
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers(AIChE) | January 2015- Present
  • Gamma Phi Beta- Social Sorority | August 2014- Present
  • Undergraduate Research Fellowship | May 2016- May 2017
  • Undergraduate Research Ambassador | August 2016- Present
  • Society of Women Engineers (SWE) | August 2015- May 2016
  • Academic Heritage Scholarship (Auburn University) | August 2014


Hobbies and extra curricular activities

  •  Cooking and creating recipes
  • Yoga
  • Painting and writing

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