Kaitlyn Lawrence


I was born and raised in Wetumpka, Alabama, a small town about an hour outside of Auburn. My choice to major in Chemical Engineering was made after considering many STEM career paths and finally deciding that ChemE combined my favorite branch of science with the practical advantages of engineering. I began pursuing this degree in 2016, and I am now a sophomore at Auburn University. During November of my first semester, I joined the Carrero group and began learning about catalysis. I have recently began a project under the sponsorship of an Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

The current technologies that are used to convert crude oil, biomass, and natural gas into more valuable products are far from being optimal in terms of energy consumption and formation of useless by-products, or waste. Therefore, developing new and more sustainable catalytic processes capable to upgrade carbon-containing feedstocks into chemicals and fuels is currently a common goal among the scientific community working on catalysis. In our aims, both getting new fundamental insights on the individual steps taking place during the catalytic reaction and correlating the observed activity-selectivity with the catalyst’s structure is typically the approach to pursue. Our ultimate goal is to design and synthesize new catalysts capable of selectively activating hydrocarbons (C-H, C – C, C – O, and C- S bonds) and oxidants (O2, CO2, CO, N2O), in order to ensure high productivity toward desired products.

The objective of my research is to design and synthesize a library of solid catalysts by implementing different state of the art methodologies. I’ll study the effect of metal precursor, adding promoter/additives, and the calcination temperature in the catalyst structure and reactivity. The aim is to enhance catalytic performances in different industrially attractive reactions both in gas and liquid phase.

Oral & Poster Presentations

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Awards and Memberships

Kappa Kappa Gamma- Social Sorority | August 2016- Present

SGA Senator from the College of Engineering | February 2016- Present

Samuel Ginn College of Engineering NASA Human Exploration Rover Challenge Team | February 2016- April 2016

Undergraduate Research Fellowship | May 2017- May 2018

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