Justin Smith

I am a native of Auburn, Alabama, and enrolled in Auburn University fall of 2014. My interests in energy and sustainably are what attracted me to, and have kept me invested in Chemical Engineering at Auburn. I am also a dual-degree in Economics, and hope to work in environmental and energy policy in the future. Having joined in November 2017, I am the newest member of the Carrero group. I will be involved in the preparation of a review and synopsis on one of the catalytic processes studied in our group as well as perform kinetic experiments with  the unique catalyst formulations we create.

Oral Poster Presentations
Coming soon…

Coming soon…

Awards and Memberships

Auburn Student Government Exec
Auburn University Academic Affairs Committee
Auburn University Academic Standards Committee
National Achievement Scholar
American Chemical Society Scholar
Coca-Cola Foundation Scholar

Step team member for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc
Co-host of “What’s Up” on WEGL 91.1 (talk radio)
Intramural soccer

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