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As an army brat I grew up all across America and Germany, however I am most recently from Enterprise, Alabama. From an early age I found a love for mathematics and science, specifically chemistry. I knew I wanted to be an engineer since early in high school, however senior year I decided upon chemical engineering. This major is rigorous and fun, with many opportunities for me. One of which was joining the Carrero Research Group, as it allows me to see the R&D side of engineering as well as help discover new technologies and catalysts. I joined the group in November of 2018 to further explore some of my personal interests in the oil and catalysis, specifically in the oil and gas industry. My goals and ambitions for my future after Auburn University are to work in this industry, and I feel that I have already learned valuable information that will help me stand to become a valuable asset.

Catalysis is fundamental for over 90% of all chemical processes, and while the uses of catalysts are diverse, and the necessity of them can be agreed upon fairly unanimously, there is still much to learn about what makes a catalyst successful compared to another. Further research on catalysis is necessary in order to improve and refine the efficiency and applicability of the reactions. I will be working to improve solid metal oxide catalysts for the dehydrogenation of light alkanes, in an attempt to design a new and more stable, selective, and reactive catalysts. I operate various techniques available in the group, such as gas chromatography, BET, and thermal-analysis (TPR/TPO). I use N2-chemisorption, Raman spectroscopy, XRD, and thermogravimetric analysis to characterize the catalysts before and after reaction. We envision to use the insights gained to design new supported metal oxide catalysts with previously unprecedented stability, selectivity, and reactivity for the production of olefins

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Phi Theta Kappa – National Honors Society
William G. Dorriety Endowed Scholarship Recipient


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