Megan Hoffman


I am a Junior from Gulf Breeze, Florida and I began my studies at Auburn University in the fall of 2017. My love of math and hands on problem solving are what initially drew me to engineering; and once I discovered my passion for chemistry, I knew I wanted to pursue a chemical engineering degree. I joined Dr. Carrero’s research group in November 2018, to learn about heterogenous catalysis for the upgrading of natural gas.

The modern chemical industry depends on the use of catalysts to lower the energy requirement for countless chemical reactions. This is especially important in today’s world as the demand for faster, cheaper and more efficient reactions increases. With the development of new catalysts with unprecedented activity, selectivity, productivity, and stability we will be able to either optimize or develop more sustainable chemical processes, thus significantly reducing environmental impact.

In the lab, I am preparing novel metal carbides and metal oxi-carbide catalysts with core-shell structure for the conversion of light alkenes (C1-C4) and CO2 into more valuable chemicals, such as olefins and oxygenates. In addition, I will be learning on how to properly perform a kinetic study using home-made reaction setups. The equipment I will operate includes a gas-chromatograph, mass spectrometer, mass-flow controllers, and high temperature reactors. I will be also learning the various techniques used to characterize solid catalysts, such as X-Ray diffraction, N2-physisorption, and Raman spectroscopy. My main goal is to prepare a library of solid materials with higher surface area and, sintering resistance that show a catalytic performance towards industrially relevant comparable to state-of-the-art catalysts. This research experience will not only broaden my knowledge of catalysis, but also equip me with new skills to continue growing as a chemical engineer.

Oral & Poster Presentations

Auburn University Department of Chemical Engineering Open House | November 2019

Southeaster Catalysis Society Convention | September 2019


coming soon…

Awards & Memberships

Vice President of Society of Women Engineers | March 2019 – Present

Student Liaison for 100+ Women Strong | May 2019 – Present

Kappa Kappa Gamma- Social Sorority | August 2017 – Present

Social Chair of Society of Women Engineers | March 2018 – March 2019

Member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers | August 2017 – Present

Member of Silver Wings – Community Service Organization | March 2019 – Present

Hobbies and extra curricular activities

Long Distance Running

Weight Training

Anything Outdoors

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